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Barrels, Lubricants & More

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Suppliers of liquid fuels in Bulk and Barrels.
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Products in Barrels

A 205 litre barrel of Gas Oil or Kerosene is a sensible solution for locations which do not have bulk storage, where access for a delivery tanker is restricted, or where usage or security issues do not allow the location of a larger bulk tank.


To keep you safe, secure, and within the law CPS Fuels also offer a full range of ancillary products & equipment: -

  • Barrel Pumps & Fuel Hoses
  • Funnels and Jugs
  • Bunded Barrel Pallets
  • Drip Trays & Barrel Stands
  • Spill Kits & Technical Advice

CPS Fuels oil barrels 645x400


Additives are great for taking preventative measures when maintaining your heating oil system, car or machinery. They are used to stop any future problems that may cost you money further down the line whilst improving efficiency and overall performance.

CPS Fuels deliver Topanol for Agas users and can also supply, with your bulk delivery, a wide range of fuel specific additives from


Exocet Additives are used extensively throughout the UK to enhance fuel, maximise efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and minimise field problems in the commercial, agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors. 


CPS Fuels works with the UK’s largest independent lubricant company Exol to provide competitively priced lubricants for every possible commercial, agricultural, automotive, and industrial application.

Exol Group

From engine oils to agricultural greases CPS Fuels have a lubricant solution to resolve any sticky problem.

Our lubricants can be delivered in bulk, barrels, bottles and cartridges, and we can also supply a wide range of related accessories.

Technical Advice

If you are unsure of what product you require, need information, options, assistance or prices, then please contact our Commercial Team on 01953 713540. To give the best technical advice we will probably need to know what your current product is, how it's used, and whether it is performing.