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Posted on: 30/09/2022

Transparent pricing, our view on service charges is clear.

Transparent pricing, our view on service charges is clear.

Here at CPS Fuels we don’t believe in hidden costs, surcharges and fines. When you get a quote from us, quite simply the price you see, is the total price. We will give you various delivery slots and the associated costs for each of these, as a rule of thumb if you need it quicker, then the costs are slightly higher. Usually the cheapest option and one that’s best for the environment is our “Green Delivery”. This is delivery within 12 working days and allows us to schedule your heating oil delivery, on the most efficient route.

So whether its online or over the phone, you can have several options on how quickly you receive your heating oil and these will be priced accordingly. All our pricing though remains totally transparent that’s why when our competitors introduce “Service Charges” we feel this is very unfair for the customer. The best or in this case worst example is Boiler Juice, they currently include a service charge of £14.99 on every order.

If you read what this is for this is what you find on the BoilerJuice website…

What is the service charge?

A service charge (ranging from £3.49-£9.98) is applied to each order of heating oil or gas oil (red diesel) placed on our website or over the telephone.

This charge supports our continued investment in six days a week customer service, and improving our website to make your experience easier and more convenient. We keep a close eye on our prices and fees to make sure we always deliver great value.


This does not reflect the reality that the service charge is now up to £14.99, which seems a massive lump sum on top of your heating oil price, for

“continued investment in six days a week customer service, and improving our website”.

In our opinion this really is a charge for using the Boilerjuice website, as a broker Boilerjuice don’t have depots and tankers to maintain, they are simply a middleman. Unlike CPS Fuels which is proud to be a family business, Boilerjuice appears to be concentrating on generating higher profits for its venture capital backers.

This is just the most brazen of charges, reading the Boilerjuice reviews there appears to have been penalty charges when customers have ordered more than can be fitted in the tank and fines for not being able to access the tank.

So next time you’re thinking of shopping around for your heating oil make sure you keep an eye out for any hidden fees and penalties that may mean you’re not getting the great deal you thought you were.

At CPS Fuels, we strive to build long lasting relationships with all of our local customers, from all our depots, throughout our delivery areas. We pride ourselves on being able to offer consistently competitive prices whilst delivering a premium quality product coupled with a friendly and professional service – now with the added benefit of being able to order your oil online when our offices are closed.

Cut out the middleman. Say NO to service charges  -

deal direct and order your Heating Oil with confidence from CPS Fuels now.