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Ask Mister C

Your most frequently asked questions answered.

CPS Fuels have decades of experience delivering millions of litres of heating oil, gas oil, and diesel. Mister C, the CPS Fuels mascot, has used this expertise to answer some of the more frequently asked oil related questions below.

  • I’m new to Heating Oil. Is it a cost efficient fuel?

    Over 1.5 million households in the UK and Ireland use heating oil to heat their homes. Oil customers find oil-fired central heating systems just as easy to use as mains gas. It is a clean fuel as most modern clean burning appliances have low CO2 emissions and high efficiency ratings. It is more versatile than solid fuel and is currently (February 2021) cheaper to run than electricity, LPG or Mains Gas (Source: Sutherland Tables (UK independent provider of comparative home heating costs))

  • Are oil boilers going to be banned?

  • What is the right amount of heating oil to use to heat my house?

  • What is Heating Oil and what is the difference between Kerosene and Gas Oil or Diesel?

  • Can CPS Fuels deliver heating oil when the boiler is on?

  • Do I have to be at present at the oil delivery?

  • What is your minimum delivery?

  • Should I use broker websites or buying groups?

  • How do I know how much oil was delivered?

  • How far can the tank be from the tanker?

  • Can you deliver less than 500 litres?

  • Can you take the delivery hose through my house to get to the oil tank in the garden?

  • Does my boiler, or heating oil, require Additives?

  • How long can you keep Heating Oil?

  • What is the VAT rate on Home Heating Oil?

  • How much Heating Oil or Fuel can I order?

  • Does the quantity I order make a difference to the price?

  • Do I have to be at home when you make a heating oil delivery?

  • How can I pay for my oil?

  • I ordered online but not all the oil went in. Do I get a refund?

  • Do you service boilers or install oil tanks?

  • Can You Deliver to an Underground, or Non Standard, Tank, or an IBC?

  • My tank is not directly accessible. Can you deliver using an offset filler point?

  • Can You Deliver to a Houseboat?

  • Is there a "best time" to buy heating oil?

  • Aren't all Oil distributors basically the same?

  • What makes CPS Fuels better than the others?

  • Do you supply oil in barrels?

  • Is heating oil referred to by other names?

  • What names are used for other fuels?

  • Are red diesel taxation rates going to change?

  • What is FAME?

  • I have a complaint. Who do I contact?

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