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Commercial - fuels for industry

Whatever your business needs....

We deliver the right fuels, at the right prices, right away, so you can keep your business running all year round.
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CPS Commercial Fuels

Delivering Commercial Fuels to a Secure Tank

Fueling your industry....

Whatever your industry needs are; whether it be engineering, manufacturing, processing or recycling, we deliver the right fuels, at the right prices, right away, to keep you running 24/7.

Our expert and knowledgeable Commercial Team can help you keep your business operating with a range of products, delivery options and additives that will help you stand out from the crowd. For product information, options, assistance or prices, please call 01953 713540.

Delivering quality commercial fuels for business and industry...

Liquid Fuels we supply in Bulk

Red Diesel / Gas Oil

As leading red diesel suppliers, CPS Fuels can meet all your industry, plant and machinery gas oil needs. Red diesel, also known as 35 second oil or gas oil, is used to fuel a variety of static and mobile plant and equipment, including generators, engines, off road vehicles, plant and machinery.

Road Diesel / Derv

CPS Fuels is a leader in UK bulk diesel supply. We supply building firms across the region with road diesel, also known as DERV, white diesel, and ULSD. DERV is a commonly-used acronym in the fuel industry and refers to ‘Diesel Engine Road Vehicle’.

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Burnbright 35, our money saving, Industrial Heating Oil can be used as a drop-in replacement for gas oil across a wide range of burner and furnace applications without any compromise in performance.

Regular Heating Oil / Kerosene

CPS Fuels deliver heating oil in bulk to a wide variety of domestic and commercial properties throughout East Anglia and South East England.

Other Speciality Products, Services & more...

Cleaner fuel alternative (HVO)

We supply a low emission, cleaner burning diesel alternative fuel, known as HVO. This is a drop-in product that burns cleaner, is FAME free and OEM-approved as a diesel alternative. With no modifications to your equipment, plant or machinery required you can start to reduce your emissions and help the environment now.


We supply a range of additives to help keep your fuel in tip top condition. Whether that’s to help keep the tank and fuel clean of impurities or to improve the efficiency of the machinery, or to simply extend the life of the fuel.

Hassle free fuel management

Talk to our Commercial team about the benefits of Fuel Cards to keep your on-road fleet moving. Fuel Cards provide you with both visibility and total control over your fuel usage, helping you monitor volumes, reduce risk and save money.

Little or Large, Maintain or Move and store fuel onsite

We are used to delivering to businesses large and small. We can deliver direct from our large tankers or where space is limited, our short wheelbase tankers can get into the tightest of spots. If a bulk delivery is not required, we can deliver our products in 205-litre barrels. If you require any assistance with fuel, then our team can provide expert and compliant advice on what will be best for your requirements.

We can also keep your business safe and compliant with expert advice on fuel management solutions that can improve security, assure supply and cost efficiency. 


Reliable fuel supply, payment options built to suit you

CPS Fuels is the only JET Approved partner of Phillips 66 in the region and this partnership means we can offer our customers the benefit of JET’s brand and product security, delivered by friendly people with great local knowledge.

This ensures that our local customers benefit from the quality of fuels and the security of supply that only an oil refining major like Phillips 66 can provide, supplied directly from local depots, we are well accustomed to working in time sensitive sectors and can be relied on to get the right fuel to the right place on time.

Flexible terms

With a range of flexible payment options including fixed payment plans over a defined period, spot pricing or on-the-road access with fuel cards. Our CPS Commercial team can supply road diesel, gas oil and commercial heating oil quickly and without hassle from our network of tankers and depots.

Commercial Team

Our local depots, knowledgeable delivery drivers and specialist commercial team all share a common goal: To keep your business, the machines that run it and the men that make it happen, fuelled till the work's done.

Our team work with a number of the largest companies across the East and South East and are always available to discuss your requirements.

If you require product information, options, assistance or prices, then please contact our Commercial Team on 01953 713540.

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