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CPS Fuels on the Farm

Fuel for Farm Machinery, heating oil and more...

We know that having a reliable source of fuel for your farm machinery is vital to the smooth running of your business.

With our local depots across your region, and a large tanker fleet operated by experienced drivers, you can be sure of a timely delivery, where and when you need it.

CPS Fuels is the only JET Approved Partner in the region and this partnership means we have the best quality fuels from Phillips 66, with the security of supply that only a major refiner can provide. 

We have been supplying the farmers and landowners of East Anglia with fuels for over 50 years.

Our agriculture customers benefit from:

  • Direct relationship with our commercial team
  • Priority ordering
  • An experienced regular driver and a
  • Preferential delivery service.
  • There is no need to contract your volume.
  • CPS can also arrange a tank inspection and give you advice around your storage facility.

CPS Fuels Pick of the crop

Liquid Fuels in Bulk

Red Diesel / Gas Oil

As leading red diesel suppliers, CPS Fuels can meet all your off-road gas oil needs. Red diesel, also known as 35 second oil or gas oil, is used to fuel a variety of farm machinery, including tractors and combine harvesters that are being used off-road and are diesel-compatible.

Road Diesel / Derv

CPS Fuels is a leader in UK bulk diesel supply. We supply farms across the region with road diesel, also known as DERV, white diesel, and ULSD. DERV is a commonly-used acronym in the fuel industry and refers to ‘Diesel Engine Road Vehicle’.

Industrial Heating Oil / Burnbright 35

Running grain dryers and heating buildings can be expensive.

Burnbright 35, is a drop in replacement for gas oil specially refined for CPS Fuels as a cost-saving alternative to conventional gas oil and red diesel.

Suitable for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters, you will make savings immediately with Burnbright 35 without having to make any modifications to existing equipment.

Regular Heating Oil / Kerosene

From the farmhouse to cottages on the farm and in the villages nearby; CPS Fuels deliver heating oil in bulk to a wide variety of domestic properties throughout East Anglia and South East England.

Premium Burning Oil / Blue Paraffin

Histroically known as Blue Paraffin, and traditionally used for heating glasshouses, CPS Fuels can deliver PBO in bulk for use in commercial greenhouses.


Having a reliable source of fuel for your farm machinery is vital to the smooth running of your business.

Other Agricultural Products, Services and more...

Tanks, storage and monitoring

Our knowledgeable team work regularly with farmers to assist with information and tips to help say ahead of the changing regulations and health and safety requirements.

We can help with all elements of your farms fuel requirements, from advice on what fuels to use, tank and filter management to supplying you with your own fuel station or storage tanks.

Discover our top tips, advice and product range to keep your farm safe and your tanks compliant.

AdBlue for your Farm

We are a proud to be the leading supplier of AdBlue to farms across East.

Our substantial buying power and commitment to quality service ensures you will receive your AdBlue when you need it; supplying from 205 litre barrels up to 1,000 IBCs plus the ancillary equipment needed to handle it.


Whatever your additive needs are; whether it be a perfomance additive for your tractor or a fuel treatment for your storage tank we can offer an extensive range and quality advice to keep your farm running all year round.

Cleaner, greener fuel 

As the farming sector aims for zero farming emissions by 2040, we are looking at alternative fuel options that can help us enjoy a sustainable future.

HVO is a drop-in alternative that burns cleaner is FAME free and OEM-approved as a diesel alternative. 

This is a quick win and requires no modifications to your farm machinery engines. Just drop in and go and start to reduce your emissions and start helping benefit the environment.

Commercial Team

Our local depots, knowledgeable delivery drivers and specialist commercial team all share a common goal: To keep your farm, the machines that work it and the men that make it happen, on the move whatever the season.

If you require product information, options, assistance or prices, then please contact our Commercial Team on 01953 713540.

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