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JET Distributor

CPS Fuels - East Anglia's leading JET distributor

JET branded distributors are an independent UK network of fourteen fuel distributors. CPS Fuels is one of the longest established of that UK network and is proud to serve one of the largest local areas namely East Anglia, and the South East. 

Phillips 66 with the JET brand have over 60 years’ experience refining quality fuels at their Humber Refinery and serving the UK inland fuel market though their JET authorised distributors, and filling station network. All fourteen JET branded distributors enjoy the security of supply Phillips 66, an Oil Refining Major can provide. They partner with Phillips 66 under the JET brand banner to market and distribute heating oil, gas oil and diesel to their local regions across all the UK with the slogan: 

“On the journey together

Humber Refinery P66 JET

“Working with Phillips 66 through the JET brand has enabled CPS Fuels to continually deliver a competively priced range of liquid fuels that cover a whole spectrum of needs – oil for heating and cooking; diesel for transport; and gas oil for industry and agriculture.”

Tim Foster, CPS Fuels