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Burnbright 35 (Industrial Heating Oil)

Save money with Burnbright 35

Burnbright 35 is a drop in IHO (Industrial Heating Oil) which has been developed for use as a direct replacement for gas oil when it is being burnt for heating purposes; space and water heating, drying, or combustion (boilers).

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Burnbright 35 is unlike most alternative industrial heating products because it is refined rather than blended. Burnbright 35 is refined for CPS Fuels by a leading UK bespoke refiner using virgin components to perform like a Gas Oil (35 second oil) but have the chemical properties of a Kerosene (28 second heating oil). 

Refined not Blended

Other producers blend from multiple feedstocks rather than refine from one. The blended components are often derived from waste and used oils. Such blended products not only increase the risk of plant failure due to fouling, but can also reduce the efficiency of heat transfer leading to increased fuel consumption.

Lorries in Depot

Easy switch

Burnbright 35 can be used as a drop-in replacement for gas oil across a wide range of burner and furnace applications without any compromise in performance.

  • A quality refined product
  • Fully mixable with gas oil and other IHOs in all proportions.
  • No costly plant modifications needed.
  • No need to drain the existing oil in your tank.

It is the easiest and most true of drop in replacements for Gas Oil and all other Gas Oil style IHOs.

Easy savings

Finally as Burnbright 35 is classified by HMRC as a lighter Kerosene fraction (28 second heating oil) rather than a heavier Gas Oil (35 second oil) fraction it is not subject to Gas Oil duty or government levies. This means that Burnbright 35 can be delivered by CPS Fuels at a lower price than regular gas oil, meaning significant cost savings for your business.

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Commercial Team

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Burnbright 35 is not suitable for use in engines, or propulsion, but CPS Fuels can offer alternative fuels and green product solutions for on road, off road and static engines along with other diesel (inc Red Diesel) powered plant and machinery.

Burnbright 35  - If only all savings in business were this easy.

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