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Posted on: 30/11/2023

Cold Weather Priority Initiative

At CPS Fuels, we pride ourselves on our service to the local communities we serve. This includes taking additional care of our customers who are vulnerable in extreme weather.

Tanker in the snow

CPS Fuels is proud to announce that we are continuing our membership of UKIFDA's Cold Weather Priority Initiative. The project aims to protect customers who are over 75 and live in rural communities across the UK.

The elderly, are amongst the most vulnerable during the colder months and it’s important to protect those most vulnerable from the cold. As such, we’re hoping to tackle the problem with UKIFDA’s ground-breaking initiative scheme.

How Does the Cold Weather Priority Scheme Work?

 Ukifda Cold Weather Priority

The initiative operates by providing an extra layer of support for the elderly. UKIFDA protect older customers by enabling fuel suppliers to prioritise vulnerable customers during the winter months.

As a UKIFDA member, we will be employing various methods to identify customers who fall into the ‘CWP’ category.

These methods include:

  • Paying close attention when speaking to customers regarding heating oil orders
  • Keeping customers informed regarding the ‘CWP’ initiative
  • Giving customers the ability to opt-in as a ‘CWP’ customer

All UKIFDA members work tirelessly to identify customers who may fall into the vulnerable category. It is also encouraged that’s customers alert the local fuel supplier of customers over 75 to help fight the problem.

CWP helps us identify our vulnerable customers

The CWP Initiative helps identify and protect the most vulnerable, especially during times of fuel shortages and extreme weather. The scheme ensures these customers stay warm in the winter months.

Therefore, by supporting the CWP initiative, CPS Fuels can easily identify those most in need and prioritise those deliveries.

The initiative is completely free to join. To be eligible to join you must be 75+ or be living with at least one person aged 75+.

If you or someone in your household is aged 75 or over and are interested in opting in to the programme, contact us here!