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Posted on: 28/02/2023

Government £200 now being paid

Government £200 now being paid

The government has started making the one-off alternative fuel payment and has provided the following update for domestic and non-domestic users of heating oil:

Domestic Customers:

For our domestic customers the £200 payments will start today with most customers getting the payment automatically as a credit on their electricity bill within the next month.

The Government’s Alternative Fuel Payment is available to homes and businesses that don't use mains gas for heating. Those eligible have been identified by civil servants using the off the gas grid database, the database of domestic electricity meters and recent census information.

Those without a direct relationship with an electricity supplier, including those living in park homes or on houseboats will need to apply to the domestic AFP Alternative Fund via application portal on gov.uk which will open later in February. 

Commercial Customers

From Wednesday, payments of £150 will be made to businesses and both public and voluntary sector organisations that use alternative fuels to heat their buildings. Electricity suppliers will deliver this support up to 10 March, with most customers expected to receive it later this month. There is no need to contact your supplier.

How will the £200 alternative fuel payment will be paid by your electricity provider?

British Gas - British Gas will be providing the £200 alternative fuel payment by a reverse direct debit.

Octopus - Octopus will be providing the £200 alternative fuel payment by crediting your electricity account.

EDF -EDF will provide the alternative fuel payment in two ways:

1. If you are on a budget Direct Debit, you will receive the payment in your bank account.

2. If you are not on a budget Direct Debit, EDF will add £200 credit to your electricity account towards your next electricity bill.

OVO - OVO have a range of ways they will provide the alternative fuel payment.

If you pay your energy bill by Direct Debit, your alternative fuel payment will go straight into your bank account as a refund.

If you pay when you get your energy bill, OVO will provide the £200 as credit to your energy account.

If you use a Smart Pay As You Go meter to pay your energy bill, the £200 will be paid to your electricity smart meter as a credit.

If you have a traditional Pay As You Go meter, you will receive your alternative fuel payment by post with detailed instructions on how to process this payment. The two options to process payment are through mobile banking or a Pay Point.

Scottish Power - Scottish Power will be providing the alternative fuel payment into your bank account.

E-On - E-On will be providing the alternative fuel payment in three ways depending on the way you usually pay for your energy.

If you pay via Direct Debit or Pay On Receipt of Bill, the £200 paid into your energy account as credit.

If you pay using a Pre-payment, a cash voucher will be sent to you. You will then need to go to a Post Office to get the money paid into your bank account.

If are a Pay As You Go customer, the alternative fuel payment will be sent to your electricity meter.


Scam Warnings

The government has warned customers should take no action until the online portal launches later in February and that customers will not be asked for details by any individual or organisation prior to this or outside of the portal, and any such contact is likely to be a scam. 

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