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Posted on: 13/03/2024

Introducing CPS Zero a FAME free fuel for Farmers and Industry.

Introducing CPS Zero a FAME free fuel for Farmers and Industry.

CPS Fuels are delighted to introduce “CPS Zero” a totally fame free gas oil.

CPS Zero is the perfect solution to those who have been affected by filter blockages in vehicles, machinery and fuel storage tanks.

Traditional Gas Oil under the latest RTFO regulation requires an increased percentage of the fuel to come from renewables. As fuel suppliers must meet this obligation by law, many are blending a type of biofuel called FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) into red diesel to achieve the required higher renewable targets.

The impact of the inclusion of FAME has been well documented; reduced fuel stability in storage, more rapid fuel degradation, leading to gum formation, micro biological growth, filter blockages and potentially damage to machinery.

The main issues with fuel containing FAME to be aware of are:

  • Material incompatibility (many common rubbers, plastics and surface coatings will degrade from contact with fuels containing FAME)
  • Residual deposits causing clogged filters
  • Water uptake - with enhanced potential for mould, bacteria and algae growth
  • Fuel stability (may degrade over time by oxidation and hydrolysis)
  • Cold flow waxing and precipitation problems 

CPS Zero contains no FAME whatsoever and as such eradicates the risk of fatty and biological deposits blocking your filters and causing un-necessary downtime. CPS Zero is the only fuel that delivers peace of mind for our farming and industrial customers.

To make the change to CPS Zero today call our Commercial Team on 01953 713540.