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Posted on: 19/10/2022

Update on £100 Government support for home heating oil users.

Update on £100 Government support for home heating oil users.

CPS Fuels are pleased to be able to share more details on the Governments Alternative Fuel Payments for households. This is in essence a one off £100 payment to UK households who are not on the mains gas grid.

How will you receive the £100 heating oil payment?

The government has confirmed that a £100 payment to home heating oil customers will be in the form of a credit to electricity bills in a similar fashion to The Energy Bills Support Scheme. At present we do not know the timescale for this intervention, but we will update you once we know more.

Please see Government quote regarding Alternative Fuel Payments, in full below:

The Energy Price Bill Document (11/10/22)

“This scheme is intended to deliver a one-off payment of £100 to UK households who are not on the mains gas grid and therefore use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, to heat their homes. Powers will enable the government to deliver support via electricity bills in both GB and NI, under a similar delivery model to the Energy Bills Support Scheme. The payment will ensure that a typical customer using heating oil does not face a higher rate of growth in their heating costs since last winter, in comparison to those using mains gas, who are supported by the Energy Price Guarantee. The government will set out the timing of this payment soon.”


UKIFDA, the trade body for the UK and Ireland liquid fuel distribution industry, released the following statement:

UKIFDA Statement 12/10/22

"Through multiple discussions with the government, it became clear that because of the highly competitive nature of the heating oil market with customers holding multiple accounts through different distributors and outlets, a quick method of payment through these accounts without duplication was not possible.

We will continue to offer assistance to the government in the design of the payment system through electricity companies. This will take time and customers should await further details from the government. We also note that eligible customers that do not have a relationship with an electricity supplier will be supported through an alternative route to make sure they do not miss out. Details of this alternative route will be confirmed by the government shortly.

As before we recommend that customers do not wait if they need heating oil. As we head into winter, many oil heating customers will know that the best and most economical approach is to talk to their local distributors on a regular basis and not leave purchases to the last minute."


We see this as good news for CPS Fuels customers as you will not have to do anything to receive the £100 payment, which will be paid directly to you via your existing electricity supplier.

When and if more details emerge, please be assured that we will be sure to update you.