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CPS Beyond Fossil Fuels

Sustainable fuel options for today and tomorrow:

For some time, CPS Fuels have been actively sourcing more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional fossil fuels to ensure our customers can meet their needs more sustainably...

Beyond Fossil Fuels

CPS Fuels prides itself on providing complete fuel solutions to our customers across all the markets we serve.

This means that as well as providing a wide range of traditional fuels we have always kept our eye on the future and ensured we have a range of speciality fuels that are fit for our customers’ requirements.

For some time, we have been actively sourcing more sustainable and environmentally friendly options. We want to provide all our customers with options that allow you to fuel your needs in a more sustainable manner.

Future Fuels available today


HVO for on & off road use

HVO Renewable Diesel is a premium fossil free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw materials, which does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

HVO can often be used without modification in diesel engines and machinery and is approved for heavy duty road and off road vehicles such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, MAN, DAF, Renault, John Deere, Caterpillar, Steyr and Iveco. 


CPS Zero is a totally FAME free gas oil, it provides the perfect solution to those that have been affected by filter blockages in vehicles, machinery and fuel storage. It contains no FAME whatsoever and as such eradicates the risk of fatty deposits blocking your filters and causing un-necessary downtime.

HVO for Heating

Currently in the national trial phase, with over 150 properties across the UK participating. e Ready Fuels pilot. To be kept up to date with the Future Ready Fuels project click here. If you would like to be made aware of when HVO is approved and avaliable for home heating use please register your details here.


Simply mixing an additive to your fuels can increase the efficiency or performance of your engine, boiler, or burner and can prolong the life of your tank and maintain the quality of the fuel contained within it.


CPS Fuels for today and tomorrow...

Forward Thinking

For some time now we have been supplying many of our commercial clients with a drop in diesel replacement known as HVO. HVO is a premium fossil free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw materials, which does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions. HVO is used by a number of our commercial customers as a direct alternative to diesel and this got us thinking…

Across Europe diesel is widely used for heating, whereas in the UK those off grid tend to use kerosene. Here at CPS Fuels, we thought wouldn’t it be great if this could be used for home heating as an alternative to kerosene.

As we started to research and pilot this, we discovered others in our industry were on a similar path. Joining forces with other oil distributors momentum was building and today there is over 150 homes piloting HVO as part of the OFTEC and UKIFDA Future Ready Fuels pilot.

Government Road to Net Zero

Working to tackle climate change.

As part of its work to tackle climate change, the UK government made achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 a legally binding target. A key component of the strategy to achieve this, sees the government currently pursuing the heat pump option.

We believe customers should have choice, we are also acutely aware that for many of those off grid who currently use oil, heat pumps could be an expensive and inefficient solution.

Government Road to Net Zero

A Simple Fossil Free Solution

Meet Mo and Sue, stars of the new Future Ready Fuel campaign video!

Follow the off-grid neighbours as they begin their journey towards greener heating at home.

While Mo follows government advice and installs a heat pump, Sue does some research and switches to HVO instead…

Going Fossil Free shouldn’t cost the earth.

Future Ready Fuel Campaign

Front Foot Forward

Future Ready Fuels and CPSCPS Fuels remain actively involved with this exciting pilot programme and have been trialling HVO with a number of our customers. We are the only heating oil distributor in East Anglia doing so and are very proud to be forging a path to a greener future. 

Working closely with our sister company, Anglia Heating Solutions, we have the only OFTEC registered heating technicians who have the hands on experience to assess, convert, commission and complete the changes needed to your existing heating oil fired equipment. This has been achieved for less than £500 in all the trial properties.

We’re very pleased with the progress we’ve made, and the conversion process has been very straightforward. The HVO trial has stipulated regular visits and feedback to OFTEC.

Our technicians are reporting very clean burners and our customers are very happy, even saying how they’ve forgotten they’re using a greener fuel as it works in exactly the same way as kerosene.

CPS Fuels Team

Our local depots, knowledgeable delivery drivers and specialist customer service teams all share a common goal: To keep your business, the machines that work it and the men that make it happen, fuelled till the project's done.

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