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Use the leading fuel supplier from Canterbury to Brighton, via Ashford and Maidstone, to Horsham and beyond

CPS Fuels supplies Heating Oil and Gas Oil to homes, businesses, schools, farms, domestic and commercial customers across Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex.

More than 65,000 homes, commercial premises and agricultural clients are supplied by CPS Fuels with: 

Heating Oil, Kerosene (C2), Regular Burning Oil (RBO)

Gas Oil, Red Diesel, Farm Diesel (ULSGO)

White Diesel (ULSD), Road Diesel (Derv), Keyfuels

As a long established distributor of JET branded fuels, and the only JET Approved Partner in the South East of England we are proud to offer customers quality petroleum products and competitive pricing all year round.

Through our local depots across the region and with a large tanker fleet operated by experienced drivers, you can be assured of first-class service and timely deliveries.

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Ask Mister C

  • Can you deliver less than 500 litres?

    The smallest bulk delivery of any oil CPS Fuels can make is 500 litres. This is the minimum volume approved by Trading Standards for the Bulk Meters used on our delivery tankers. If you require less than 500 litres then we can supply Gas Oil (Red Diesel) and Heating oil (Kerosene) in 205 litre barrels. Contact our Commercial sales team to find out more.

  • Can you take the delivery hose through my house to get to the oil tank in the garden?

  • What makes CPS Fuels better than the others?

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CPS Fuels is proud to be an approved JET distributor, giving our customers the benefit of JET’s brand and product security, delivered by friendly people with great local knowledge.