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Posted on: 23/06/2020

CPS Fuels logo has changed to show support for NHS staff and keyworkers

CPS Fuels has changed its logo to thank and support NHS staff and keyworkers for all their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

CPS Fuels Rainbow Thank You

The rainbow, promising better times to come, has become a symbol of hope for many during the outbreak. As they travelled through East Anglia, our tanker drivers were moved by the number of pictures of rainbows and messages of support in the windows of the homes they delivered to.

Acting on a suggestion from one of the domestic customer service team, CPS Fuels have decided to do their bit to show gratitude to NHS staff members and other keyworkers by temporarily integrating the colours of a rainbow in the company logo online, on Twitter and on Facebook:


CPS Fuels says Thank You with Rainbow striped logo



“We may have stopped clapping, but we haven’t stopped caring. So to say a big thank you to all the keyworkers we have temporarily changed our company logo in recognition of all the fantastic work by all NHS staff, carers and other key workers within our community.

Thank you guys. Great work."

Mister C 

CPS Fuels Thank You from Mister C