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Posted on: 13/03/2020

No Gas Oil ? - Right Fuel, Right Price, Right Away!

CPS Fuels Pick of the crop

As the national press calls for farming and farmers to step up in these turbulent times; CPS Fuels are here to support your local effort and fuel your farm.

We know that fuel is essential to keep your farm running; but after months of waiting to get on the land why is your fuel supplier expecting you to wait another month for fuel?

CPS Fuels is serving local Gas Oil customers in a few working days.


Buy direct from CPS Fuels and enjoy:

  • Prompt Delivery
  • Dedicated Commercial Sales Team
  • Competitive prices
  • Local depots & Experienced delivery drivers
  • JET brand Quality & Security
  • Account terms available

Products we supply:

  • Gas Oil (ULSGO)
  • Red Diesel
  • Farm Diesel (ULSGO)
  • Unmarked White Diesel (ULSD) & Marked EN590

If you want the right fuels, at the right prices, right away then ring

01953 713540

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