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Posted on: 26/04/2017

We're the fuel supplier you can trust

We're the fuel supplier you can trust

At the beginning of 2017 CPS Fuels realised that having a review system in place was vital to the serving the changing needs of oil buyers and users in East Anglia.

A number of online brokers, such as Boilerjuice, FuelTool, The Heating Oil Club & Home Fuels Direct had all started using reviews to capitilase on the online price research being done by oil customers. All were quick to accept the praise for their website and it's operation, but slow pass on the praise to the oil distributor and the delivery tanker driver that actually did the hard work putting fuel in the tank. 

In March this year CPS Fuels decided to start working with market review leader Trustpilot to collect reviews and feedback on our fuel ordering and delivery service.

One month on, Maria Tooley CPS Domestic Sales Manager says:

“The reviews we receive are massively important to us as they reflect all parts of the customers’ interaction with our ordering and delivery service.”

“We firmly believe that it is important that potential new customers can see that we have a large and content customer base and that we deliver on our promises.”

“Our service reviews offer all oil consumers a quick and easy reference to our delivery reliability and give them confidence to buy their oil supplies from us. I believe the rating we have achieved, along with our competitive pricing, is winning us orders from less committed distributors.”

Using Trustpilot feedback has also helped us motivate all our office staff and delivery drivers to provide the best customer service to the local customers we serve.

“Trustpilot feedback has allowed us to critically appraise our order taking and fuel delivery operations.This has already led to us fine tuning some of our processes to ensure the all-round service, from first contact to fuel in the tank, is of the highest quality,”

Additionally sharing positive feedback leads to higher morale and a team that embraces our ethos of top quality customer service in all parts of our fuel business." 

CPS Fuels are committed to responding to the feedback we receive as this helps reassure new and existing customers that any issues will be dealt with. Publishing timely and honest feedback where our service has not met our customers’ expectations gives existing and potential customers reassurance that we not only value their opinions, but also act quickly to resolve issues.