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Posted on: 23/12/2019

Foxburrow Farm – Farming without Fuel problems.

Foxburrow Farm

It was very interesting to be a member of the audience at the recent meeting on Fuel Issues held at the offices of Anglia Farmers last week. There was a lot of anger and frustration voiced by many members over the issues they had experienced with fuel this year.

CPS Fuels is the only fuel distributor in East Anglia that also farms in East Anglia.

CPS Fuels serves thousands of Agricultural, Commercial and Domestic customers across the Eastern region, whilst Foxburrow Farm cultivates 2000 hectares in Mid-Norfolk. It would also appear that we are one of a very few who have had a trouble free harvest.


Foxburrow FarmAs farmers we understand that breakdowns and interruptions cannot be tolerated in business and all possible steps should be taken to we keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.


CPS FuelsAs fuel distributors we understand the all fuel must be sourced, handled and stored correctly to ensure the product that leaves the refinery is delivered in tip top condition.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment Fuelproof TankAt Foxburrow we only use fuel supplied direct by CPS. We know our fuel has not been co-mingled in storage, nor mixed with supplies from multiple distributors. On the farm we store our Tractor Diesel in a 10000 litre FuelProof tank, which was installed in 2016. 

Foxburrow Farm runs modern machinery: Agco tractors, Claas Combines and JCB handling equipment. We use Largo filters on all our equipment and all machinery is bunkered through a 4 micron Cim-Tek filter.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment Fuelproof Tank

The Gas Oil supplied by CPS Fuels is EN590 (White Diesel) marked for Agricultural use and CPS Fuels is the only JET Approved partner in East Anglia.

Foxburrow Farm has had no problems with any machinery running on Gas Oil supplied direct from CPS Fuels.

As AF suppliers CPS Fuels could deliver the same fuel to you.

  • There is no need to contract your volume.
  • You can order direct and have the invoice managed through your AF account.
  • You can order volumes to suit your needs and avoid receiving tractor diesel from co-mingled storage and multiple suppliers.  
  • You will have a direct relationship, an experienced regular driver and a preferential delivery service.
  • CPS can also arrange a tank inspection and give you advice around storage facility.

In essence the main issues seem to revolve around fuel from co-mingled sources, multiple suppliers and on farm storage, but you can work with CPS to solve them all.

To order Gas Oil and farm fuels, or to find out more call 01953 713540


CPS Fuels with JET are pick of the crop